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Narrated by The Morning Show's Bel Powley 

Told You So by Leeanne Slade Book Cover Audiobook

Told You So

From the best-selling author of the rom-com hit The Rebound, Leeanne Slade, comes a sparkling summer listen to sweep you off your feet.

Lucie Redway knows one thing for certain: her best friend will have the most perfect destination wedding. She may not know if she’ll still have her agony aunt column next month, or if her love life will ever be more exciting than a midnight swipe right, but Lucie would rather exhaust herself than let Stacey down on her Big Day. Not even Charlie, the insufferably attractive and hateful best man, can get in her way.

Before the flight touches down in Spain, Lucie is hit with a curveball. Sat next to world-famous psychic Miranda Bloom, she’s told she’ll leave the wedding with the love of her life. Lucie’s not sure she believes in fate, but Miranda seems to know every little detail about her. Is The One really somewhere on the seating chart?

If Miranda is right then that narrows down Lucie’s options (ruling out new bachelor Grandad Bob for obvious reasons) to Drew and Ethan. Drew: the one that got away, the bad boy turned international fashion photographer. Ethan: the dependable childhood best friend, now a Saville Row tailor, who says he has something important to tell her… But there’s no way it’s her worst enemy Charlie, of course. Even if their friction is turning into a confusing kind of chemistry.

As Lucie deals with drunken aunties, finds a missing wedding dress and survives the chaotic hen party, the days are counting down to ‘I do’. Will she recognise The One before time runs out?

The Rebound

The #1 Bestselling Audiobook Sensation

Only from Audible comes this exclusive laugh-out-loud rom com, perfect for fans of Emily Henry and Beth O’Leary.

Kitty Harris has it all: cosily coupled up with boyfriend Archie, she’s putting in the hours at an ad agency to land her dream job. OK, so maybe they’ve become a bit too cosy in their routine, with pizza night every Thursday, and maybe the agency isn’t so much up-and-coming as been-and-gone, but Kitty is happy.

Until one diamond ring sitting pretty in her pepperoni ruins everything. Kitty does NOT want to get married, not after being caught in the crosshairs of her parent’s destructive divorce. Desperate not to lose Archie altogether, Kitty suggests a summer-long break so she can turn her ‘I don’t’ into ‘I do’. Somehow.

Enter Leo Evans, Kitty’s impeccably dressed advertising nemesis who loves to appear at the very worst moment. Needing a distraction of his own, Leo claims to have the cure for Kitty’s cold feet: a no-strings rebound fling and a ten-date plan to face her marriage fears. Kitty shouldn’t really be fraternizing with the gorgeous enemy, not when they’re about to go head-to-head for the biggest pitch of their careers, but if it means getting her happily-ever-after with Archie, it’s a risk she’s willing to take.

This rebound is about to get complicated. Luckily, you can’t catch feelings when you’re still madly in love with someone else...right?


Narrated by Bridgerton's Claudia Jessie

The Rebound Book Cover by Leeanne Slade Audiobook
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